The Otava Group

The Otava Group in brief

The Otava Group is Finland’s third-largest diversified media group. We engage in some way with almost all Finns. Our business areas are general literature, learning services, trade, magazine publication, online services and marketplaces:

  • Suomalainen Kirjakauppa serves customers at 65 locations around Finland and is always open for business online. Jamera Ltd is a bookstore chain specialising in textbooks. Its range includes both new and secondhand textbooks.
  • Otava Publishing Company Ltd publishes fiction, non-fiction and educational materials. This business area also includes Like Publishing, F-Publishing, Nemo, Moreeni, Karisto and Otava Book Printing Ltd.
  • Otava Learning is a Finnish general publisher of educational materials.
  • Otavamedia Ltd publishes magazines that are well known to the Finnish public and runs online services. Otavamedia B2B commercial unit provides services such as multichannel advertising solutions, native advertising and the design and production of own media.
  • The companies in the Otava Marketplaces business area provide marketplace and communications services to companies and consumers.

We believe in the power of the mind and build paths to enable limitless creativity and lifelong learning. To companies, we provide means to tell their stories, have an influence, raise awareness and build commitment. And when consumers have things to tell other consumers – well, we have the tools for that, too.

We Otava employees are one thousand strong. With an independent mindset, we harness our operations and draw on our long roots to build the future.

Our parent company is Otava Ltd.

Read the 2019 Annual Report and financial statements.



The Otava Group is owned by a family of Finnish entrepreneurs. For more than a hundred years, we have fostered the shared values of Finns. We want to shoulder our responsibilities: to promote culture, growth and learning. Nurturing and developing the language is crucial for us. Each of us bears personal responsibility for performance at work, guided by openness, reliability and independence. The company’s operations are stable and independent. We emphasise freedom of speech as the very foundation of publishing.


We set our sights on excellent quality that is created by the work of creative, free and responsible employees and partners. Quality is based on our individuality and freedom to do work that we can be proud of – we stand behind what we do. In addition, quality is founded on fulfilling – and often anticipating – the needs of our customers. Quality thus also comprises the competitiveness of our products and services, the financial performance of our operations, the ability to update our operating methods and professional self-improvement.


Our operations are based on boldness, independence and openness. The company’s publication policy is diverse, open-minded and tolerant. We set ambitious goals, seek results and think commercially. We evolve and can act fast. Our aim is to succeed financially in the long run without neglecting short-term competitiveness. Passion, initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset at work demonstrate the boldness and open-mindedness of our people.


The company is committed to its employees and is close to its partners. Our employees want to develop themselves in line with the needs of customers. We commit to our customers, authors, readers and other partners. We work together over unit and company boundaries, with a positive spirit and respect for other people. We combine the old and the new in a unique way. The company’s books, magazines and other products inspire emotions and experiences. We work with a lot of heart.

Otava Ltd’s Members of the Boars

CHAIR member since
Henrik Ehrnrooth 1988
Eero Broman 2007
Heikki Lehtonen 1991
Alexander Lindholm 2008
Eva Reenpää 2017
Pasi Vainio 2009
Minna Castrén 2011
Timo Kopra 2012
Minna Kokka 2018
Ora Lyytikäinen 2006