Otava donates a broad range of children’s and YA books to the new children’s hospital


Otava Publishing Company made a book donation to the recently finished New Children’s Hospital. The donation included plenty of reading matter for all age groups, from traditional cardboard books for small children to enchanting fairytales, a wide range of non-fiction and a variety of novels.

”Children and young people need books. Stories delight, comfort and amuse us. They bring hope that helps us to cope with even the toughest of situations. With this donation, Otava wants to bring a world of stories to the hospital,”

says Kaisu-Maria Toiskallio, Publishing Director (Children and Young Readers) at Otava.

This donation is connected to Suomen lasten iltasadut, a book of fairytales for Finnish children that was published in 2015. The fairytales were collected by Laila Hirvisaari and Anja Salokannel, and include stories by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, along with animal fables from both Finland and abroad. Anja Salokannel wrote all of the collection’s forty tales in modern language with full respect for tradition. The charming illustrations were done by Emmi Jormalainen.

The New Children’s Hospital specialises in demanding hospital treatment for young patients from all over Finland, ranging in age from newborns to 15-year-olds. The hospital opened in September.