Otava Publishing Company Ltd has acquired publishing house Atena Kustannus


On 1 October 2020, Otava Publishing Company Ltd signed an agreement for the purchase of the share capital of Atena Kustannus’ principal owner, Svenska folkskolans vänner r.f. (SFV). Atena Kustannus is a general publishing house that publishes around fifty works of fiction and non-fiction a year. It is known for works by Henriikka Rönkkönen, Roope Lipasti and Mikko Porvali, among others, as well as the Finnish translations of Thomas Erikson’s best sellers, the most famous of which is Idiootit ympärilläni (published in English under the title Surrounded by Idiots). Five books published by Atena Kustannus have won the Tietokirjallisuuden Finlandia Award for non-fiction.

“Atena has done very well both in terms of literature and financially over the past few years,” says Atena Kustannus’ publisher Ville Rauvola. “However, there is currently great upheaval in the literary world. That is why it is smart to continue forward as part of a stable and well-respected publishing group, where we will be able to work even better to benefit our writers and books.”

“Selling Atena is part of SFV’s new investment strategy, which involves focusing our holdings on quoted shares and real estate,” says Johan Aura, Managing Director of SFV. “We are proud of Atena’s development and the professionalism of its personnel. We want to sell our shares to a reliable company in the publishing sector that will ensure Atena’s continued success.”

“Atena is a well-managed publishing house that has operated in an effective manner towards its long-term goals throughout its existence, consistently providing readers with high-quality and topical content. This acquisition is part of Otava’s long-term strategy to seek growth through activities that will complement our current programme of expenditure,” says Pasi Vainio, Managing Director of Otava.

Atena Kustannus will continue its publishing operations under its own name and publishing programme, and with its existing staff. Jyväskylä will remain the company’s place of business.

For more information, contact:

Otava Publishing Company Ltd
Pasi Vainio, Managing Director
0500 329591 / pasi.vainio@otava.fi

Atena Kustannus
Ville Rauvola, Publisher
040 572 0667 / ville.rauvola@atena.fi

Svenska folkskolans vänner
Johan Aura, Managing Director
040 355 9935 / johan.aura@sfv.fi