Otava Ltd to join new Finnish film company to promote the implementation of high-quality domestic films


The investors who raised the funds for the Finnish blockbuster Tuntematon Sotilas have joined forces with Otava Ltd to buy Elokuvayhtiö Suomi 2017 Oy, the company that produced the film. Under its new name, Aurora Studios Ltd, the company will focus on the development, financing and distribution of Finnish feature films.

The company is owned by private equity investor and founder of CapMan, Ari Tolppanen, investment banker and founder of ICECAPITAL, Ari Lahti, and Otava Ltd. The members of its senior management will also be the company’s shareholders. Aurora Studios Ltd is not a part of the Otava Group, but an independent operator.

“Aurora Studios was established to enable and facilitate the work of producers and filmmakers and to promote the implementation of high-quality Finnish films. The company does not produce itself, but acts as a partner and ally to production companies in order to help talented teams bring their vision to the big screen,” says Ari Tolppanen, Chair of the Board.

Aurora Studios Ltd has already launched over a dozen projects, which involve turning books or original scripts into feature films to be shot in the next few years.

The company has already signed options for the film rights of several books, including actor-screenwriter Emmi Pesonen’s debut novel to be published in autumn 2020, Maailman kaunein sana. The company is developing this story about the joys and challenges of a patchwork family into a feature film together with Pesonen and Director Paavo Westerberg. Another film in the pipeline is the story of legendary business manager Kirsti Paakkanen, based on Ulla-Maija Paavilainen’s best-selling book, Suurin niistä on rakkaus.

In 2021, the releases the company will be distributing will include a film written by Inka Kallén and Aku Louhimies, directed by Louhimies and shot this summer, known as Odotus, which is inspired by the characters and story of Juhani Aho’s classic novel Papin rouva.

Additionally, the company will continue to manage the rights of the film and TV series Tuntematon sotilas. Having attracted more than a million viewers in the year that Finland celebrated 100 years of independence, the film will continue to be distributed on domestic and international streaming services.

In August 2020, seasoned distribution professional Antti Toiviainen will take the helm as the CEO of the new film company. Its content director will be the multi-talented filmmaker Roosa Toivonen.

In addition to Ari Tolppanen and Ari Lahti, the company’s Board of Directors will include Otava’s Literary Director Minna Castrén and Otava Board member Heikki Lehtonen.

For more information, contact:
Ari Tolppanen, Aurora Studios – Chairman of the Board / +358 500 407 343
Antti Toiviainen, Aurora Studios – CEO / +358 40 772 6809
Roosa Toivonen, Aurora Studios – Content Director / +358 40 142 0700
Alexander Lindholm, Otava Ltd, CEO / +358 40 833 0126