Otavamedia acquired Alma 360 from Alma Media

Alma Media has on 1st October 2015 sold Alma 360 Ltd to Otavamedia Ltd. The acquisition comes into force immediately.

As a result on this acquisition, a new entity is formed with Otavamedia customer communications, MCI Press, DeCo Media and Alma 360. The CEO of this new company will be Mika Suortti.

The turnover of this new entity is nearly 20 M€ and it employs over 100 people. The teams that design and execute content materials for the customers continue as they are.

Mika Suortti, CEO, MCI Press Ltd
Pekka Harju, CEO, Otavamedia Ltd
Juha-Petri Loimovuori, director, Financial Media and Business Services, Alma Media