Marko Silventoinen appointed managing director of Otava Book Printing Ltd

Marko Silventoinen, Bachelor of Engineering in Communications Technology, has been appointed managing director of Otava Book Printing Ltd and a member of the management team of Otava Publishing Company Ltd. He will start on 5 February 2018. Silventoinen is a successor to Minna Kokka who has been appointed managing director of Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Ltd.

Marko Silventoinen has been involved in book printing in a wide-ranging way for a long time. He has worked in Hansaprint as production manager since 2007. Silventoinen  has strong experience in the graphic field working with customers, personnel, materials and end products.


More information:

Pasi Vainio, managing director, Otava Publishing Company Ltd, tel. +358 50 032 9591,

Marko Silventoinen, tel. +358 50 317 5946,