Corporate responsibility

Ota vastuu (”Take responsibility”) website presents information related to the Group’s corporate responsibility. The website enables us to more visually communicate the realisation of social responsibility within our Group as well as to share perspectives on sustainable development with our readers and in a wider societal context.


Throughout our history, our operations have been guided by systematic Finnish language publishing as well as fostering the Finnish culture and language. Otava Group’s values – responsibility, quality, courage, and closeness – communicate the responsibility of a publisher to its readers as well as to society in general.

Otava Group wants its operations to contribute to the Finnish economy. The policy guiding the Group’s procurement states that in an otherwise equal situation, preference is given to a Finnish, family-owned supplier that takes good care of its environmental responsibilities. All our magazines bear the Key Flag issued by the Association for Finnish Work.

Otava’s Book Foundation grants annually approximately nine literature awards and over 400 grants.

One of the most traditional of the Group’s charity recipients is Kotilieden Kummikerho ry, a sponsorship society founded in 1938. Otava Group has cooperated with Pelastakaa Lapset ry (Save the Children Finland) for over 15 years. In 2013, the Group also supported the Uusi lastensairaala 2017 (”New Children’s Hospital 2017”) project.


As a family business, Otava Group aims to take care of the company and the environment in such a way that they will be handed over to future generations in good condition.

The key elements of our environmental responsibility are:

  • Good management of environmental issues in our own offices and daily work
  • Paper consumption and procurement
  • Energy efficiency of our products

Paper consumption in office printing has been decreased thanks to printing optimisation. Office paper is sorted and recycled. Printer toner is recyclable and there is a central system for recycling workstations that are becoming obsolete.

Otava Group consumes annually approximately 8,000 tonnes of paper, the majority of which have the Swan label.

The system for monitoring the origin of the paper used by Otava Book Printing has been certified in accordance with the FSC and PEFC standards. The books manufactured by Otava Book Printing have the right to use the well-known eco-label Joutsenmerkki.

We systematically measure and monitor energy consumption and strive to continuously improve our energy efficiency. The electricity we use is produced by water power. Of the energy used by the Group, majority of the energy used is renewable.


The basis for Otava Group’s economic responsibility is profitable business, which guarantees continuity and secures investments and jobs. The principles guiding our business operations are stability and creation of financial wellbeing across generations. As a family business, we are not simply pursuing fast profits. The aim of our strategy is to be successful in the long term.

The financial benefit created by Otava Group’s operations for various stakeholders:

2017 (€ thousand)
Income; net sales, other operating income 296,210
Suppliers of goods and services; goods, materials and services purchased, other operating income, investments -199,563
Added value created 96,647

Distribution of added value:

Personnel; salaries, fees, social expenses -64,795
Creditors; net financial income/expense 1268
Owners; dividend -9,293
Public sector; income, real estate and lottery taxes -6,789
Retained for business development 17,038